Monday, April 30, 2007

Another long overdue short update

Wow, is it really the end of April? I'm way behind on my posts including pics, so I got off my duff tonight. Here's a quick summary of what I've been up to and some pic links (bear with me for a day or 2... I'm still uploading :)

End of Feb & early March Jenny & I were back in Bulgaria. She needed to get her passport renewed, and I, well, I just needed to get out of Jamaica. During our time there, we traveled to the Old Mountains northwest of Sofia, out to Varna on the Black Sea, and back thru a tiny out of the way village called Koprivstitza. I didn't get to ski, but we saw and hiked through plenty, including a dusting in Koprivstitza. I wonder how many people travel from Jamaica to Bulgaria in the late spring for vacation? Pics are at

We arrived back in Jamaica and promptly took off for Kingston. My brother Mike and his girlfriend Nadine were supposed to meet us on St. Patrick's Day for the Ireland vs. Pakistan ICC cricket match, but they got socked in by one of the big storms that hit the US last in the spring. We sold their tickets to other Peace Corps folk and were entertained with a huge upset... the Irish won! Pics of the day are at

We've had a bit of an exodus here in MoBay. Robin COS'd at the end of March and took off for Scotland with Malcolm, Paula finished her book and went home, Nathan got an assignment and left for Crisis Corps in Africa, and Julie left MoBay. Robin has a farewell party which ended up being for others too!

Brooke A. hosted a wonderful and slightly overwhelming Earth Day event in Negril. She had over 600 kids show. I swear I have never seen that many kids in one place! She called in the reserves and a number of us on the north coast came by to help keep the troops in line.

Finally, Jenny threw a surprise party for my birthday! We were supposed to go diving in the morning, but I messed it up by coming down with a head cold the day before. So there wasn't a big "surprise" moment but Joe, Lauren, Peter, and Matt F. came by to celebrate with me. Thanks guys!

That's all for now. Our COS conference is this week (cannot believe it!), my folks are coming on Friday, and then the JCO will be back in action. So more pics will be up soon.



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