Thursday, October 06, 2005

Still alive, pics soon come

Hi folks!

It's been a bit since I've updated this. I have some great pictures to put up with stories but am having some technical difficulties. As we say in Jamaica, Soon Come!

Things here in MoBay are moving along now. I visited a community outside the city today that has had a problem with groundwater welling up through the soak pits the residents drain all their wastewater to. The result is that raw sewage has been spilling over into their yards and streets and even cutting its own poo trenches. Facinating field I'm in, no? And yesterday I got to tour MoBay's central sewage treatment plant. So to summarize my life in Jamaica now... nothing but shits and giggles.

I added some links other blogs. Just my cool friends who are serving in the Peace Corps all over the world right now. Thanks for the inspiration from your page, Ellen. Shout outs to Jenni, Steve, Ellen, Jesse, Essa, Casey, Tasha, Jill (who is wandering the mountains of Paraguay), Bryan, and Adam aka insert-4-syllables-here. Remember goal 3 of the Peace Corps mission, and keep it coming.

Peace from Jamaica,