Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back in the US

Jenny and I rounded out our trip in Europe with visits to London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. Our time was limited but we did a pretty good job of covering it. We did one of those open-air double-decker bus tours - yep, those ones I laugh at the tourists all doing. Cheesy, yes. Fun, definitely. We got to see a lot of London and learn some trivia I’ve now forgotten with minimal effort. In Edinburgh we did our own thing through Edinburgh Castle and the amazing botanical gardens. Her friend Lily from Bulgaria and boyfriend Patrick from Germany took us on a ghost walk through Edinburgh’s infamous underground city. It wasn’t the fright show they advertised but it did end with some drinks at a cool pub. And not to be forgotten, the pubs! How I have missed them in Jamaica so. And so… I definitely indulged in some great English and Scottish pints throughout the rest of that week. We ended the trip in a fancy shmancy room courtesy of hotel points acquired during my former consulting days and splurged on a sushi dinner! I’m uploading pics now & will put up the link on my next post.

I have spent this past week chillin with the fam back in the US (as much as chillin gets with my fam ;). I’m heading to the Big Apple today to hang with my friend Newman and then back to JamRock. I’ll check back again from the Caribbean.

Peace from Montoursville,

Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm in Bulgaria!

No, I haven't ET'd or been kicked out of Jamaica (yet!) but I am taking a little midservice break. And I'm doing it in Bulgaria. Why you ask? I'd like to introduce you to Jenny.

Jenny is a programmer / web developer from Bulgaria who's been working in Montego Bay for about 3 years. We met sailing in Montego Bay (yes, my life is still awesome) and have been seeing each other for about 4 months now. Recently Jenny planned a trip home. She asked me to come. I said yes. Here I am.

The week has been nothing short of amazing. I arrived Friday night just in time for St. George's Day, also Bulgarian Army Day, on Saturday May 6. We went to downtown Sofia and watched the tank parade. That's right, a parade with tanks... and rocket launchers, howitzers, missile-carrying vehicles, bridges on trucks, and huge stuff I didn't even recognize. I'm not much of a military person, but it was truly impressive. Sunday we went to Black Peak in the Vitoscha Mountains. I couldn't believe it... after a sultry winter in Jamaica, I saw SNOW!!! The last 2 days we spent exploring the old capital, Veliko Tarnovo, and the nearby village of Arbanassi.

I got a new digital camera, so I am back on to snapping ridiculous numbers of pictures. I am uploading them as well - see Hope you enjoy!

I was saddened to hear of the evacuation of Peace Corps volunteers from East Timor, including my friends Jesse and Emily. There has been civil unrest in East Timor, but it seems all PCVs are safe in Thailand now. Jesse is providing a wonderfully detailed description of his service and experience at Jesse & Em, my thoughts are with you guys.

Jenny and I are on to London tomorrow, followed by a few days with a friend of hers in Edinburgh, Scotland. After that I'll be heading back home to visit family for a week or so. For those interested my travels, I'll try and post again from the UK or from home. For those interested in what's been happening in Jamaica, you'll have to wait until June, cuz mi nuh tink nuttin bout JamRock now. :) Except for my friends serving there - hi gang! A special shout out to the folks in MoBay - WHA GWAAN MOBAY CREW?!!

Peace from Bulgaria,