Thursday, December 01, 2005

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Hi all,

It seems whatever issues I was having with uploading images are resolved for now. Onward and upward. So after 2 months, what to say... a synopsis is in order. Went cliff jumping in Negril, served an ace as part of the MoBay team that came in second in a volleyball tournament (non-competitive league, of course!), was an extra in a commercial spot riding horseback, had a crazy roadtrip to Portland for a Halloween party, toured several wastewater treatment facilities (sorry Sparticus, more poo & no more dreads... for now :), and ate Thanksgiving dinner at our program & training officer's place at midnight. Rather than cover this entry with pictures of too many events, I'm just gonna put up this one of me & my Halloween costume. The costume was just a little facepaint job that one of my friends did, but there was this huge thunderstorm that I just had to run out in & the pic came out pretty sweet.

I've settled into my life here pretty well now. The budget they give us to live on hasn't stretched for a full month yet, but that's mostly because it's expensive to eat out and go out. But I'm starting to figure that out. I am using my culinary skills to get to know several of my neighbors and that seems to be a good way of integrating into the community.

I included my address in my first entry, and I'll leave my cell phone # here too. It's 876-470-1825. It's dialed just as you'd dial a US number, but beware the charges are high.

Peace from Jamaica,